Tuckeroo Landscapes are developing into leaders in the Melbourne landscape construction market, building our own designs and collaborating with Melbourne’s premier architects and landscape designers. We have a can-do, solutions-driven approach when facing challenges, which are varied and inevitable in every project. Our team’s skill sets range from qualified landscapers to landscape construction apprentices and construction laborers delivering our projects on the ground. We have built long-term relationships over many years with reliable, quality-driven sub-contractors for all specialized elements in our client’s projects. We have a proven record on our project management delivery and believe that to be a major asset for the business.

For most of our clients this is the first time engaging a landscape construction company. It’s a significant financial investment into your property and will be a disruptive process to your home life during the construction phase. Whether it’s part of a renovation, new build or garden update it all can feel stressful for clients learning about the process along the way. We have narrowed down the two most important elements to achieve a positive landscape journey and desired end result for our clients. Client expectations and Collaborative communication.

If you decide to proceed with Tuckeroo Landscapes we aim to set clear expectations for our clients on the how, the why and the when. We advocate to ask as many questions in the beginning so that you are armed with as much knowledge before starting the journey.

Our business has been built on our relationships with clients, industry peers and what we deliver for each of them every job. We ultimately want all our clients to be happy with their finished project and feel their investment has delivered value for money.

Construction Consultation

After completing the project enquiry form on the website, we will review your enquiry by contacting you within 48 hours. We will communicate the suitability for our company and your proposed project. If we believe we can deliver for you, our General Manager Charlie Dowling will schedule a complimentary 30-minute meet and greet onsite to discuss your project. From that meeting, a provisional quotation will be provided to you within 14 days for your consideration.

Project Planning

The timeframe for the construction commencement of your project will be subject to the current contracted works in the company calendar. This will also depend on your project’s requirements including whether there are planned building works, renovation plans, pool installations or other trade works being undertaken before we can access the property. The complexity of the design elements and lead time for permits and ordering materials can determine schedules also. We will provide a provisional window/date period in the year calendar for your project installation but cannot commit to set dates with all the variables including the aforementioned. With that said we aim to work in as best we can with your desired plans. We will never promise what we cannot deliver.

Construction Implementation

As we draw closer to a commencement date, we will be in communication around this with you. We will do a pre-construction site visit and potential meetings with any specialist contractors involved with the project. Materials will be ordered and scheduling for the construction team will begin. All team members will be briefed the week before on the new project and any special elements or conditions around the project. Tuckeroo signage will be erected at the front of the project with the approval of the client. An approved area will be outlined for our team base at your property with an induction meeting scheduled on site for our team leader for day one of construction.

During the construction stage, which can be as quick as a few days for a small project or up to 6 months depending on the size of the project, deliverables and other trade works occuring. There is a team Leader allocated to the project who will manage the day-to-day operations and team members onsite. The General Manager will oversee all operations and update regularly with the client via in person, phone, SMS, and email correspondence. We aim to document all major discussions involving any variation no matter how small so we maintain consistent clarity on all agreements and stages of the project.

Project Handover

On completion of the project, we schedule a client-designer-company director walk through of the project onsite. We make a list of any defects, repairs, variations that need rectifying. We then schedule that handover checklist works in the following weeks to be completed. Once we have completed the checklist, we will issue our final payment invoice and make a final visit to the client to complete our handover.


Frequently Asked Questions

What happens with variations or ideas we have during the construction stage?

Every project presents opportunity for variations or additions by clients. Its normal to see your project take shape and you start thinking about other ideas whether that small or significant additions. Where any requested works or variations arise by the client outside the original quoted scope of works, this will be discussed with the construction manager, quoted separately and presented for your review and approval. If that additional work can be inserted into the current construction schedule it will. If it cannot be included, the additional works will be scheduled at a later date.

Can I supply materials I have sourced myself?

Our policy is no, but will be assessed on a case by case basis by the General Manager. Our experience is when clients supply materials, we confront a number of potential issues with quality of materials, sizing, delivery issues, and supplier arrangements not going to plan all affecting the scheduling and delivery costs of the project. Tuckeroo always ends up dealing with these issues. You are working with Tuckeroo Landscapes so you don’t have to deal with the issues above; they are our problem to solve and rectify. We are happy to work with or source materials from specific suppliers recommended by clients if they are a relationship or pre planned design inclusion.

Can I remove elements from the quotation or project scope of works?

Yes, you can during the quotation stage easily. Once the construction is underway, this needs to be a case by case prospect and discussion with the construction manager. If elements need to be removed a full disclosure on the result and cost of that decision will be presented with any costs or affects to the overall project outlined.

Will I be credited for any savings found on elements that occur during the construction?

Yes. We include transparency as high value with our business model and relationships. Any variations or amendments along the way with your construction project that sees a financial savings for you will be communicated and allocated to your final Instalment invoice.

How will I be billed for my project?

Our billing structure is normally broken into four (4) installment payments invoiced as the project rolls out starting with a pre-construction installment of up to 30% of the preliminary quotation cost pending materials requiring preordering or fabrication. Where payments are not received in the allocated due date, we will pause the project works until payments are received.

Will I receive a contract for the project?

Yes. We have a legal services agreement that outlines all elements, terms and conditions for the services provided to the client by Tuckeroo Landscapes. This will be emailed once we receive approval from the preliminary quotation stage.

Is Tuckeroo Landscapes a registered builder?

Yes, we are. We are VBA registered as a Domestic Builder (L) – Licence 100009. VBA Company Registration CDB-L 100044.

Is Tuckeroo Landscapes Insured?

Yes, we are. We have $20,000,000.00 in public liability cover; including property damage coverage whilst we are performing work on your site. We have VMIA eligibility for domestic building insurance that will be applied to all applicable projects.